A big thank you to Busi and Sue

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As you know, due to financial challenges Busi and Sue no longer work for ICPCN. We are grateful to them for all that they have done for children’s palliative care globally and ICPCN in particular.

Both Busi and Sue have been part of the ICPCN team for many years, working alongside other staff and board members, as well as our ICPCN members, friends and children and young people receiving palliative care. As core members of the ICPCN team, together they have been involved in running all three of the ICPCN conferences – in India, Argentina and South Africa, as well as the CHI conference before that. Together, as a team, they have utilised their strengths, knowledge and passion for the ongoing development of children’s palliative care around the world and we know that they will be greatly missed, not only by the staff and board of ICPCN but by all of you as well. We wish them well in the next phase of their lives.

Busi Nkosi
Busi has worked as the Director of Advocacy for ICPCN for the past seven years. Throughout that time she has been passionate in advocating for the rights of children and their families to access palliative care, speaking up at various national, regional and international meetings, and attending meetings all over the world, in particular in Geneva. As well as working globally, Busi has been instrumental in developing the African Children’s Palliative Care Network, in supporting the development of children’s palliative care across the region, in particular through grants in Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa, Malawi and Rwanda. Her patience and knowledge of how things work within the African context have been invaluable as she has found her way through protocol and systems to ensure that the voice of children’s palliative care is heard. In all that she has done, Busi has put the children and their families first, with a deep concern for all those children who do not have access to palliative care, who are suffering needlessly, and for whom we are striving to improve their quality of life. Busi has a heart of compassion, and whilst no longer working for ICPCN she will continue to advocate for the needs of children and to speak out on behalf of children and their families whenever she gets the chance.

Sue Boucher
Sue has worked for ICPCN for the past eleven years and was the first person to be employed by ICPCN. She has been instrumental in the development of the communication portfolio for ICPCN, liaising with all of our members, updating the website, making sure that we have good articles posted on ehospice, sending out our newsletters, designing all of our communications documents, logos, keeping the membership details up to date and many other things. As our Director of Communications, Sue has been the first person that you all will have met in ICPCN either through email, Skype or individually and she has great insight and knowledge of what is happening globally in children’s palliative care. She has utilised her creativity over and over again in her ongoing support and passion for children’s palliative care. We have all benefited from her skills, her creativity and her passion for children’s palliative care over the years. She is committed to the ongoing development of children’s palliative care and I know that she will be continuing to work within the field, utilising her skills and creativity within the field as well as continuing to write children’s books and use her design skills.

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