Bollywood star gives his support to children’s palliative care

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Bollywood star Kunal Kapoor paid an unexpected visit to the ICPCN Conference delegates attending a traditional Wedding Feast last night. Delegates were already enjoying an evening of wonderful Indian hospitality, which included the painting of henna tattoos on the hands of the woman guests and the wearing of turbans for the men as well as an exuberant display of a blend of contemporary and traditional dancing and singing.  

The arrival of the award winning Bollywood actor in the middle of these festivities caused much excitement, particularly amongst the local delegates who recognised him immediately.  On his arrival, he was asked to light the traditional lamp and presented with a bouquet of flowers as a token of thanks for his support for the conference. In his response he admitted that before he had been invited to attend the function he knew very little about palliative care but had this to say, “I couldn’t think of anything more important than to give comfort and support to these children and their families.” He also said that he knew from personal experience that the family of a life limited child experience a great deal of pain. 

The delegates were delighted that Kunal stayed at the function for over an hour where he danced with children who had seen him and come off the street to meet the star, patiently signed autographs and had his photo taken with guests. 

Joan Marson, Chief Executive of the ICPCN said that the the organisation was very grateful that Kunal Kapoor had taken the time to attend the function to show his support for children’s palliative care. “We really hope that we will be seeing more of him in the future,” she added. “His support will be wonderful to help raise the profile of children’s palliative care, particularly in India.”  

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