New children’s hospice opens in Osaka, Japan

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The Tsurumi Children’s Hospice is different to most traditional medical facilities, there are no doctors or white coats in sight, only nurses, physical therapists, child care workers and volunteers in everyday clothes- giving the impression that the hospice is an extension of everyday life.

In Japan there are an estimated 200 000 children that are 15 years old and younger that are estimated to have cancer or other serious illnesses. The Tsurumi Children’s Hospice, based in the city of Osaka, opened its doors in April 2016. Tsurumi caters for children and young people with special needs that are often prevented from playing outdoors with friends over fear of infection or restricted mobility. Tsurumi is a safe place for these children to play and spend quality time with their families outside their homes.

Inspired by Helen & Douglas House, Tsurumi is a two story building with 20 rooms, a music room, a rest area, family bathroom and plenty of space for children to run around. Aya Mizutani, hospice director, said “Playing with friends or taking a break outside their homes is a humble dream for sick children and their families. Creating a place for children to spend time together and for families in similar situations to share their feelings also helps feels them alienated.” To read more about Tsurumi Children’s Hospice, click here.

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