New palliative care unit in Trinidad honours the death of a young girl to cancer

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It was an emotional day as Dr. Shehenaz Mohammed, the chairman of the North Central Regional Health Authority, together with a team that worked tirelessly to create a comfortable environment for people with terminal illnesses, finally opened the palliative care unit at Caura Hospital according to a recent report in the Trinidad Express.

Saty Seemungal, the president of the Palliative Care Society and his wife, lost their daughter,Trudy Ann Velauytham Seemungal, in 2011 to lung cancer. After the death of their daughter, parents Saty and Chad wanted to help others needing the compassion and care Trudy received in her last days, and this is how the Palliative Care Society was born.

The Palliative Care Society partnered with NCRHA in identifying a suitable location, and this is how the building at the Caura Hospital was identified. The former dull building was been revamped and is now a peaceful sanctuary where people with life limiting and life threatening illnesses can receive quality end of life care.

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