5th German Children’s Hospice Symposium

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5th German Children’s Hospice Symposium in Essen, November 8th and 9th, 2013 

Over the years children’s hospice care has developed a broad range of accompanying and supporting offers for children and adolescents suffering from life-shortening diseases. In ambulant and inpatient children’s hospice care, in schools and educational institutions, in paediatric and palliative care, in self-help groups and many other areas, parents as well as full time and voluntary carers commit themselves for the benefit of young persons concerned and their families. 

The 5th German children’s hospice symposium focuses on discussions and information on the current status and perspectives of hospice care for children and adolescents. 

In which direction will children’s hospice care develop in the future? What would a successful life look like from the perspective of young people suffering from life-shortening diseases? And what kind of wishes do they express to their companions and carers? How can we create an environment for living and playing in a constructive and attentive way, so that it meets those children’s needs? And how does it affect full time and voluntary carers, if, between the poles of joy of living, bereavement and death, they are repeatedly asked to be open for the other one, and at the same time trying not to forget about taking care of themselves? 

This symposium offers an opportunity to share expertise and knowledge and to provide a platform for experiences of parents, siblings, and young people with life-shortening diseases. In forums, presentations and workshops, 75 contributors will speak about new aspects and perceptions in theoretical and practical children’s hospice work.

The 5th children’s hospice symposium invites families with children suffering from life-shortening diseases or departed children and adolescents, as well as full time and volunteer (children’s) hospice carers, employees of social, healthcare and educational institutions, welfare organisations, churches and self-help groups, organisations, foundations, administrations, and media representatives. 

For a detailed programme, please email info@kinderhospizforum.de

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