An international training program for potential change makers in Palliative Care

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Fellowship in Palliative Care is a training program for people interested in initiating, maintaining, or expanding palliative care services. The six months of online training focussing on organizational aspects of palliative care is intended to fill the global knowledge and skill gap in initiating and expanding palliative care services.

The Fellowship Program aims to create a group of change-makers with an in-depth knowledge of core issues in organising palliative care and well-versed with the recent advances and challenges in palliative care and community participation regionally, nationally, and globally. The participatory learning program discusses the foundations, concepts, diverse areas, and recent advances in palliative care and co-creates skills and knowledge in the public health approach in palliative care with an emphasis on applying this learning in local situations faced by the participant. A team of around 60 internationally known faculty members and mentors guide and supervise the participants in the process. The program won the Global Leadership Award from the European Association of Palliative Care (EAPC) & European Palliative Care Academy (EUPCA) in 2021 as an example of an outstanding leadership capacity-building programme worldwide.

Fellowship in Palliative Care is organised jointly by the Institute of Palliative Medicine, India, Sanjeevan Palliative Care Project, Pondicherry, India, St Christopher’s Hospice, London, United Kingdom and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Bangladesh. It started as an offline international training program in 2019 to develop a pool of global leaders in palliative care. The program shifted to online mode in 2021 and continues as an online training program. More than 350 palliative care leaders from 53 countries have successfully completed the program in four batches so far.

The online training program is aimed at people working/ interested in the field of palliative care. Clinical staff or program managers/ coordinators or community volunteers are eligible to apply. The program will be particularly useful for trainers and program managers (individuals in management positions in Non-Government Organizations and government agencies) in palliative care. The main target participants include:

  • Program managers of healthcare projects
  • Palliative care trainers
  • Social workers in palliative care
  • Non-clinical volunteers/ staff/ paid carers
  • Healthcare advocacy groups
  • Doctors/nurses who want to further explore non-medical aspects of Palliative Care
  • Any other person interested in learning about setting up palliative care services

Fellowship in Palliative Care 2023 will start on 30 January 2023.  The medium of interaction will be English. There will be 10 full days (7 hours each day) of online training spread over six months, along with assignments and group activities. It has been estimated that enrolled candidates will have to spend approximately 30 hours each month on average for effective participation.

The program is offered at a heavily subsidized fee of US$125

Admissions are open for Fellowship in Palliative Care 2023 now. Applications for enrolment will be accepted till 12 pm GMT, 15 December 2022.

Further details and the application form can be downloaded from

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