Development of palliative care in Čačak, Serbia

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The opening of the unit is just one example of the progress being made in palliative care in Serbia in the last three years. This progress has been facilitated by an EU funded project, “Development of Palliative Care in Serbia”, which has also been financially and strategically supported by the Ministry of Health.

An article about the new service in Čačak has been published this week by the European Union Delegation in Serbia.

In the article, Dr Nada Lazovic, deputy director of the Health Centre in Čačak, explains: “Patients can stay in this department on average two to three weeks when their condition deteriorates. The Department provides services to families and caregivers who care for the patient. We give them advice on how to help the patients to have the best possible quality of life.”

As part of the project, the one doctor and seven nurses who staff the unit underwent special training and ‘Standard operating procedures for palliative care’, were developed, which outlines all the instructions and procedures which staff adhere to, from admission to discharge of the patient.

Good cooperation has been established with doctors from the primary health care centres, who refer appropriate patients to the new unit.

Additionally, last month a coordinating body for palliative care was established that will function within the framework of the Council for Health of the city of Čačak. This will improve palliative care, create a network of cooperation with institutions at the local level, and patients and their families will be provided with the necessary assistance and support.

Read the full article ‘Palliative Care: This is not a ward for dying people‘ on the website of the European Union Delegation in Serbia.

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