EAPC blog focuses on Taiwan

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The series has started with an article by Dr Sharlene Shao-Yi Cheng, Founder of the Taiwan Research Network Council, who writes about the research network.

Dr Cheng writes: “Inspired by Dr Stein Kaasa of the European Palliative Care Research Centre, the Taiwan Academy of Hospice Palliative Medicine established its own research network in Taiwan in 2011.”

She goes on to explain how the research network operates, its first two multicentre studies and its recent collaboration with Dr Tatsuya Morita, an internationally renowned scholar in palliative medicine from Japan, focusing on the subjects of physician-perceived good death and patient autonomy.

Dr Cheng concludes: “We are still a fledging network and very grateful to have this opportunity to introduce our work on the EAPC blog. We would welcome contact from other countries that may be interested in joining us and to sharing scientific knowledge in this field.”

Read Dr Cheng’s article on the EAPC blog to see how you can get involved. Look out for further articles from Taiwan on the EAPC blog.

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