Mary Ann Evans Hospice welcomes links with eminent Japanese practitioner

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Mary Ann Evans Hospice has a volunteer complementary therapy team that delivers a wide range of holistic therapies for individuals, and their families, who receive care or support from day hospice, hospice at home, bereavement, counselling and lymphoedema services.

Masako Kawasaki visited the hospice as part of a research trip around Europe, looking into how complementary therapies are used in palliative care centres in the UK and France.

Masako runs two prominent aromatherapy education centres in Japan, training professional therapists, many of whom enter practice in palliative and cancer care centres and hospitals around Japan. She has also developed a specialist range of aromatherapy products.

The therapy team at Mary Ann Evans were honoured to welcome Masako and share ideas and knowledge.

A particular area of interest for team leader Lindsey Brookes and Masako is the clinical use of aromatherapy and essential oils and the very different approaches in the UK, France and Japan.

Since the hospice’s therapy team offers a comprehensive aromatherapy home care product service, formulated individually for patients, there was plenty of note sharing on successful formulae for a range of health challenges.

Masako was very impressed with the hospice, the excellent standard of care and breadth of services available to patients. In particular she admired the specialist technology used in the lymphoedema clinic and the hospice’s purpose built bereavement support centre known as the Warren.

Links between Masako Kawasaki and the therapy team will continue following her return to Japan, with plans to share information and reciprocal teaching proposed for 2017.

This article was originally published on the UK edition of ehospice. It is republished with permission. 

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