Training community caregivers in Zambia

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Writing for ehospice Africa, Anayawa desribes the training of 23 home-based care volunteers.

The training covered key palliative care skills and knowledge and introduced the PCAZ Community Care Patient Assessment Tool, before the volunteers were taken on scheduled visits to apply their recent learning.

According to Anayawa, “The training also emphasised on attitude change towards care of the terminally ill in order to contribute to the quality of life of both the patient and the family.”

One of the participants, Idah Nyanga, commented: “My approach to caring for the sick and family members has now changed. The knowledge has increased my passion towards taking care of the sick. I will also pay more attention to child carers in relation to their needs and concerns so that they are referred to the right organisations for professional counselling. Palliative care is not only for adults but for children as well.”

Read Anayawa’s full article on ehospice Africa.

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