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Author: Carolyn Frichot – Palliative Care NSW

About Palliative Care is an easy-access online learning tool, designed for use by volunteers, volunteer managers, and anyone else in the community who is interested in understanding more about palliative care. Some of the information is specific to New South Wales, Australia but will be of interest to hospice and palliative care volunteers everywhere.


About Palliative Care introduces you to:

  • the philosophy of palliative care
  • provision of standards by which care is delivered
  • the role of volunteers
  • concepts of health promoting palliative care

About Palliative Care is designed as a set of FIVE (5) standalone video sessions OR, can be used in companion with our printed and online training resources for palliative care volunteers.

For volunteers, the Palliare – a handbook for palliative care volunteers in NSW, offers foundational knowledge and practical guidance for people volunteering in palliative settings.

For trainers and presenters, the Guidance Manual for Palliative Care Volunteer Training, is based on the modules presented in the Palliare Handbook and provides a supportive framework to assist in the delivery of training.

View videos

Unit 1 – The origins of palliative care
Unit 2 – The delivery of palliative care
Unit 3 – About specialist palliative care
Unit 4 – The role of the volunteer
Unit 5 – Health promoting palliative care

For managers and coordinators of volunteers

We recommend using the About Palliative Care videos as part of a comprehensive palliative care volunteer training package. The videos cover content found in Chapter One of the Palliare Handbook.

Our 5 step program offers a comprehensive volunteer training package:

  1. Order or download your copies of Palliare and the Guidance Manual 
  2. Direct volunteers to our Youtube to view the videos in their own time
  3. Use your Guidance Manual (9-12pp) to assess your volunteers have met the requirements of Unit 1
  4. Assessment can be done online, individually or as a group, or face-to-face
  5. Continue learning using the remaining units in the Palliare Handbook

About Palliative Care is a project funded by Coordinare, South East NSW, through the Australian Government PHN program


 We acknowledge the Aboriginal custodians of this land and pay our respects to their culture, their people and elders past, present and future.



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