World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 2 October 2015

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Positivity remains through end of life care

US – Fond du Lac Reporter

Connie Kunkle has a special place in her heart for two palliative care staff members who worked closely with her and her husband John.

Breaching the last taboo: Atul Gawande’s book, as well as the film Piku, begin a conversation about being mortal

Times of India

As is now being discussed globally in enlightened conversations about end of life care – care in the final weeks/months of one’s life – most of our thoughts focus only on delaying death rather than living a meaningful life till the inevitable end.

GP practices offered ‘ethically questionable’ incentives to cut urgent cancer referrals

UK – Pulse

GP practices are being offered thousands of pounds to refer fewer patients for specialist care, including those with suspected cancer, finds a Pulse investigation.

The war on drugs explained

US – Vox

The US has been fighting a global war on drugs for decades. But as prison populations and financial costs increase and drug-related violence around the world continues, lawmakers and experts are reconsidering if the drug war’s potential benefits are really worth its many drawbacks.

Budget cuts threaten AIDS and tuberculosis control in India

India – The Lancet

India’s national AIDS and tuberculosis programmes are facing fiscal shortfalls that are beginning to show impact on the ground. Dinesh C Sharma reports from New Delhi.

Pull down barriers, let life roll on smoothly

India – The Hindu

Life as she knew it – fun, free and promising – came to a full stop on that fateful day five years ago, when Ashla fell off a moving train.

Under pressure, hospitals push physicians to improve their bedside manners

US – Kaiser Health News

A doctor’s training hasn’t historically focused on sensitivity. And too often while juggling heavy workloads and high stress, they can be viewed as brusque, condescending or inconsiderate.

Caroline Hospice Home now open for patient care

ehospice USA

Compass Regional Hospice opens the Caroline Hospice Home in Denton, Maryland.

Hospice launches secondary breast cancer support group for Lincolnshire

ehospice UK

St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice launches a new support group for secondary breast cancer patients today.

ICD-10 implementation begins

ehospice USA

Ocotober 1, 2015 marks the implementation date for ICD-10 coding. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers information to providers on the CMS website.

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