World media roundup – 10 December 2013

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Latest news from the International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care

The IAHPC has published the December issue of its monthly online newsletter.

Celebrating 25 years of the EAPC: My journey to the first EAPC Congress 1990

EAPC blog

David Oliviere, former Director of Education and Training, St Christopher’s Hospice, London, UK, and a former board member of the EAPC, continues a series of blog posts to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EAPC.

Majority of Americans avoid addressing end of life issues, new study finds

US- Medical Xpress

A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine looks at why many Americans still avoid completing an advance directive.

A life dedicated to dying well

The Irish Times

Dr Paul D’Alton: “If we do not address the psychological challenges underpinning end of life in Ireland, our attempts to help our citizens to die well are at the very least compromised.”

New resource to help grieving kids

Irish Health

A new website, which provides essential information to professionals who are supporting children and young people who have lost a loved one, has been launched.

Timer to turn off patient ventilators in hospitals being tested but not ready for use

Israel- The Jerusalem Post

Over the past eight years, the Dying Patient Law still has hardly been implemented due to technical and administrative problems and doctors’ ignorance of it. 

Five things to know about end of life care

Trinidad Guardian

While details of Mandela’s condition were not made public, there is much we can learn from his situation and apply to our own lives, especially if we have a loved one who is seriously or terminally unwell.

Aviva scraps 18-month terminal illness exclusion

UK- FT Advisor

Aviva has scrapped an exclusion on its life insurance policies that prevented clients diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than 12 months to live from claiming on a policy that had less than 18 months left to run.

Alternative approach devised for cancer patients referred to palliative treatment

UK- Daily Express

The Care Oncology Clinic, a private clinic in London, will take a new approach to treating all late stage cancers by using everyday drugs which were originally designed to combat other conditions.

What does the mother of a dying child do to celebrate a birthday?

US- The Huffington Post blog

“As the mother of a terminally-ill child, celebrating my daughter’s 4th birthday this year, on December 23rd, provides some unique challenges,” writes Maria Kefalas.

A family’s struggle: dealing with end of life

The Huffington Post blog

Nancy Brown writes about the death of her mother and offers advice on end of life care.

Strategy – Why is it essential to your organisation?

ehospice International children’s edition

This is the first in a series of four articles exploring the importance of strategic planning, business plan development and implementation, performance management and measurement and rewards and recognition.

The Final Word: how we approach the end of life

ehospice Australia

The Final Word, a film by director Dan Mansour, delves into the lives of four Australians as they look back on their life through the prism of death.

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