World Media Roundup – 14 November 2014

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New Jersey state Assembly approves assisted suicide bill

Us – Reuters/Yahoo News

The New Jersey state Assembly has passed a measure that would allow doctors to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients. However, the legislation must still win approval in the state Senate and then be signed by Governor Chris Christie, before becoming law.

Strong opposition to organised assisted suicide

Germany – Deutsche Welle

An unusual, highly emotional debate in German parliament ended with the majority expressing support for prohibiting organised assisted suicide. But not all representatives called for an outright ban of the practice.

Should people with acute mental suffering be allowed to die?

The Conversation

“Too stringent an approach to assisted dying risks locking people with mental illness out of the right to make decisions about the end of their lives.”

From here to – the quest for digital immortality

The Conversation

Earlier this year, start-up announced that it is is developing a set of algorithms that will learn to emulate a dead person’s personality by analysing digital footprint of the dead.

Dying to talk about death

Mail & Guardian

“Say them quickly, then forget. The dying words. Terminal. Dead. Deceased. Friends and acquaintances die every day. We go to their funerals, but we try not to think about death.”

Ebola outbreak: Liberia president lifts state of emergency

BBC News

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lifted the state of emergency imposed to control an Ebola outbreak that has ravaged the country.

Ebola’s ‘other’ victims: how the outbreak affects those left behind

The Conversation

“Media coverage of the growing Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia has presented world audiences with apocalyptic predictions of ultimate death tolls and grisly imaginings of its spread to other shores. But we’ve heard little about the people left behind. What impacts has the epidemic had on their livelihoods?”

Study published in JAMA looking at hospice and costs associated with cancer

ehospice USA

The Journal of the America Medical Association has published a study in the current issue that adds to the body of research showing lower costs for Medicare beneficiaries that access hospice care.

Laurier to host national Music Care Conference

ehospice Canada

A conference help this weekend will explore the role of singing in care in the areas of dementia, palliative care, Parkinson’s disease, stroke rehabilitation, special needs, and community health and wellness.

Penguins waddle into the record books for Richard House

ehospice International children’s edition

A record breaking 373 people dressed in penguin costumes turned up for a Guinness World Record attempt and a 2km waddle around the London and raise funds for Richard House Children’s Hospice.

Champion of the terminally ill succumbs to cancer

ehospice South Africa

Greta Schoeman, founder of the Highway Hospice, has died after a protracted battle with cancer. She was 79.

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