World media roundup – 15 November 2013

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Cancer boy Miles becomes the caped crusader

US- Sky News

San Francisco will become Gotham City so that Miles can live out the adventures of Batkid with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

‘It’s about life’: Changing Korean American’s view of palliative care

US- The Washington Informer

Eunice Kim has spent the past three years working as medical interpreter in San Francisco, where she helps Korean patients communicate with their doctors. More than once she’s found herself involved in discussions around key medical decisions for her clients.

Kids dying due to poor palliative care

East Coast Radio

Almost a million South African children die each year because they do not have access to basic palliative care.

Warning that ‘living wills’ face an ‘impossible’ task

Irish Medical Times

Advance care directives require people to project themselves psychologically and emotionally into a future situation they cannot imagine, which is an “impossible” task, a palliative care consultant has warned.

Biopharma alliances will be needed for cancer drugs in the cost conscious future


Comment on the debate around cancer drug pricing and the possibility that in the future it may be possible to control cancer with a combination of drugs.

Family of devout Muslim in minimally conscious state lose right-to-life case

UK- The Guardian

The family of an elderly devout Muslim who is in a minimally conscious state have lost their legal bid to prolong his life. They argued that the 72-year-old man would regard his suffering as bringing him closer to God.

Palliative care project in Rwanda having a lasting impact

ehospice Africa

Dr Christian Ntizimira writes about the impact of a FHSSA project at Kibagabaga Hospital in Rwanda and how it has affected patients’ lives.

The power of songwriting with cancer patients in palliative care

ehospice Canada

“Engaging in that same creative process with patients can be profound,” says music therapist Sarah Pearson.

Portugal introduces first diploma in paediatric palliative care

ehospice international children’s edition

Portugal takes a giant step forward in the development of quality paediatric palliative care services with the introduction of the very first post graduate diploma in paediatric palliative care.

Scholarships available to physicians for pain master class in Minneapolis

ehospice international children’s edition

Physicians from low and middle income countries are invited to apply for scholarships for the 7th Pediatric Pain Master Class to be held in Minneapolis next June.

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