World media roundup – 3 June 2014

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After Controversies, Medicare Reimbursement For End-Of-Life Planning Again Getting Consideration

US- Kaiser Health News

The US federal government may reimburse doctors for talking to Medicare patients and their families about “advance care planning,” including living wills and end-of-life treatment options — potentially rekindling one of the fiercest storms in the Affordable Care Act debate.

Videos aim to inform patients about their medical options at the end of life

US- The Washington Post

Clinicians and others trying to improve end-of-life communication between doctors and their patients have turned for help to a set of videos explaining end of life care and treatment options. Developed by two Harvard doctors, the videos aim to better inform patients about their medical options while easing the way for frank discussions with health-care providers.

How Ugandan hospice makes cheap liquid morphine

Uganda- BBC News

Hospice Africa makes all of Uganda’s liquid morphine. They started making it in the sink in a tiny kitchen in 1993, using recycled soft drink bottles to bottle it up and get it to people who needed it. Senior pharmacy technician Rosemary Canfuar talked BBC News through the production process.

Specialist palliative care leading to more people dying at home

ehospice UK

Specialist palliative care services in the community are continuing to lead to more people being able to die at home, according to a new report out today from the National Council for Palliative Care and Public Health England.

A closer look at children’s palliative care in Latvia

ehospice International Children’s edition 

Dr Anda Jansone and Dr Irena Voitoviča describe the inspiring development of children’s palliative care in Latvia since its inception in 1997.

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