Giving a voice to lived experience through the #PatientPower project

Categories: Care, Community Engagement, and Featured.

As part of the WHPCA Patient Power project, supported by the Joffe Trust, a series of short films have been made with the help palliative care provider the CHoiCe Trust in South Africa.

These films show the impact of palliative care in the villages and townships in the Limpopo province both before, and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The patients were often too ill or too poor to be able to access palliative care. The nurses from CHoiCe Trust visited them at home, advised about medication, arranged hospital visits (where possible) and delivered food parcels during the lockdown. These lived experiences of palliative care are vital to show what is possible, how life can be put into days, and how important it is for decision makers around healthcare, to make palliative care available universally.

Hear the voices of Ennie, Samuel and Roseline, and watch the compilation film put where they each ask the Minister of Health to listen how palliative care has changed their lives.


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