Home Based Care Workers overcome obstacles to care for patients

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Pearl Mphuthi, FNB Fund Manager says, “Home based Care workers are an integral component in the palliative care programmes for hospice. Many people are not able to receive palliative care at a hospice and that’s where the services of Home Based Care workers come in.”

“My mother died of Cervical cancer in our home and she was visited regularly by carers from hospice. I assisted them when they visited us and that’s what made me decide to become a home-based carer,” says Makhinza

“It helps when the patient’s family is supportive and helps in the palliative care process. I might only have to monitor medication and do basic education for the family. The day becomes complicated when families don’t support the patient or do not help the patient with the administration of medication when I’m not there,” adds Makhinza

Despite the challenges, Makhinza says she loves her job.“I love my job and it’s rewarding at the end of the day because you know you’re making a difference in the life of your patient and their family. I think caring for the sick is a calling. I enjoy receiving encouraging messages from my patients, and it helps me to carry on,” concludes Makhinza.


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