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While at Msunduzi hospice we had a chat with Jenny Reynolds who has been a nursing sister at Msunduzi for 10 years, with 2016 marking her 11th year with the hospice. We spoke to her about her 11 years’ experience, how it all began for her and what she enjoys most about the work she is doing and why being passionate about your job is vital.

“For me hospice is a passion that comes across to you naturally”. Jenny was working at a doctors clinic prior to the hospice position and she was not really happy doing what she was doing. “When you are not doing what you love, your motivation for waking up in the morning is non-existent” she stated.

At the time there was a half day post for hospice but she felt like she would not be able to survive on a half day salary, however it got to a point where Jenny had to choose between enjoying what I am doing and making some sacrifices or not enjoying work but happy because I could make ends meet.

Eventually everything worked out, and she joined the hospice team and eventually the post became a full time one. The 10 years that have followed her position working full time with the hospice has been nothing but amazing.

In the communities we get an incredible amount of gratitude and it’s really something to appreciate because daily you hear how unhappy and ungrateful people are in their jobs but for me doing what I love, it’s the complete opposite!

The community is really so accepting of us and they always tell us how grateful they are of us. They really advocate extremely passionately for hospice and palliative care especially if they have been personally touched by it.

Jenny feels personally for her it’s a good feeling knowing that you are the reason for that person smiling, feeling better and able to actually get on with life because of their help and intervention. It’s a feeling that at times is really indescribable.

The impact that palliative care is making in the community is something one cannot ignore anymore, and because of the amazing acceptance from the communities that we get I only feel it getting strong and stronger.

  • Msunduzi Hospice provides home based care free of charge.
  • This care is provided by a team of professional nurses, staff nurses, social workers and trained care givers and it is provided within the home of the patient.
  • Jenny looks after +- 80 patients, seeing about 30 patients a week, through a rotation system with the other nurses.

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