Voices for Hospice 2017

Categories: Community Engagement.

Anita Glenister, the concert convener, put together an afternoon musical potpourri which offered an enjoyable variety of popular and classical music. The wonderful Stellenbosch Madrigal Singers presented a varied program such as the interesting ‘Counting Music by’, Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’, and more.

Composer/vocal coach and singer André Strijdom presented his 2 choral Ensembles – Colla Voce and A Couple of Singers. Nicodémus Olivier also performed, as did mother and daughter duo Angie and Elena Mitchell, and Anita Glenister who was accompanied by Felicity Lolliot, trumpeter Sean Richardson and organist Bevan Sylvester.

The support we received was overwhelming and even necessitated bringing in extra chairs into the venue. It was truly a wonderful, enjoyable afternoon, sharing beautiful vocal music performed by talented musicians, for a wonderful cause!