World Cancer Day 2015:How Crazy Were You for Cancer?

Categories: Community Engagement.

Starting small with a handful of staff and a few of their friends in 2013, this year it grew to over 600 participants, with the public enthusiastically taking part on World Cancer Day, 4 February 2015.Major preparation and hard work was needed for this 2015 project and with just less than 12 weeks in which to prepare for the event, there was no time to waste.

Maria Demjan, co-ordinator for the event, led the team to accomplish what they had initially set out for, a successful and fun event. The team included Eric Watlington, Delshe April, Nicky Ulyate, Shaun Thomas, Annanda Botha, Jenny Handley, Warren Handley and Natalie Brock. This enthusiastic team displayed dedication and hard work, people who welcomed putting in extra hours to ensure that the event ran smoothly and culminated in a stellar success!

The aim of this event was to raise awareness of the different type of cancers that people face, how to prevent it, how to treat it, and how to ensure that others are informed about cancer. The 2015 theme for Lace-up for Cancer was vividly displayed by participants who dressed up in crazy costumes confirming that they are “crazy for cancer.” The event also served to commemorate the passing of loved ones who have lost their lives to cancer and to honour those who are currently living with cancer or still undergoing cancer treatment.

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