“Wrap it in Pink for Cancer.”

Categories: Community Engagement.

Neil McDonald from Khanya Hospice is inviting people to actively participate and support the “wrap it in pink” initiative which will help raise most needed funds for Khanya Hospice,  who offers free Palliative Nursing care on a daily basis to patients who are diagnosed with cancer. 

Cancer is a serious matter, full stop.People are invited to “buy” the material from Rotary who will at the end of the year, make the donation to Hospice. People are encouraged to wrap trees in pink in front of their houses or offices in Toti and surrounding areas. Shop owners  can also “drape” their windows or pillars, or a section in their shops.  Shopping centers’ can also drape the pillars in their malls.

To be a cancer survivor is a luxury a lot of people do not have.  It does help to be a member of a medical aid and to be supported by your loved ones while you concentrate on getting better.  However there are many patients who do not have a medical aid and little, if any financial support.  Helping those who need it most is the driving force behind the“Pink Tree initiative”  Hospice Care is offered for Free to the patient but it is not free for us to provide, says Neil McDonald.


To buy some pink material, contact Aneska 083-255-2588 or Priscilla 083-446-7661.  Hospice can be contacted on 083-597-8985 or hospice@scottnet.co.za  

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