The UK Sepsis Trust and Marie Curie collaborate on clinical tool to help vulnerable patients

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The UK Sepsis Trust and the end-of-life charity Marie Curie are announcing a new collaboration on a clinical tool that will help ensure vulnerable patients continue to receive the best care possible.

Marie Curie Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and doctors cared for more than 45,000 terminally ill people last year, including many who are living with cancer.

People with a weakened immune system – such as terminally ill, and cancer patients who have recently undergone chemotherapy – are more at risk of contracting sepsis.

The Sepsis Trust UK CEO Ron Daniels said: “Sepsis is a life-threatening condition arising when the body’s response to infection causes organ damage.

“It affects around 245,000 people in the UK every year, claiming 48,000 lives and people with cancer – particularly those who have recently undergone chemotherapy – are one of the groups most at risk.

“That’s why it was critically important for two leading charities – one providing services to people with terminal illness, and the other aiming to improve outcomes from sepsis – to come together and collaborate in the production of clinical tools and training to ensure the very best care be delivered to these vulnerable patients.”

The new clinical tool maps the Sepsis 6 Care Pathway for use in community settings and is designed for use by Marie Curie Nurses caring for people at home.

Julie Pearce, Chief Nurse at the end-of-life charity, Marie Curie, said: “When someone has a terminal diagnosis they will be living with that diagnosis for a period of time and will experience symptoms which need to be managed.

“Our aim is to enable people to live well until the end of their life and to remain as comfortable and active as they can be. This means being able to spot when a person’s condition has deteriorated due to an infection which makes them feel very unwell.

“This new tool supports professionals to be aware of sepsis, to identify it and treat it.

The result for people with any terminal illness, including cancer, is they will have more quality time with the people that are important to them right up until the end of life.”

The tool has been supported by the production of a poster which encourages the use of The Sepsis 6 Care Pathway in community settings.


About The Sepsis 6 Care Pathway: The sepsis six care pathway is a part of the UK Sepsis Trust’s recommended approach to diagnosing and treating sepsis.

About The UK Sepsis Trust: The UK Sepsis Trust is a charity founded in 2012 by NHS consultant Dr Ron Daniels BEM. The charity aims to end preventable deaths and improve outcomes for sepsis survivors, striving to raise public awareness and working to support anyone affected by this devastating condition. 

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About Marie Curie: Marie Curie is the UK’s leading charity for people with any terminal illness. The charity helps people living with a terminal illness and their families make the most of the time they have together by delivering expert hands-on care, emotional support, research, and guidance.

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