Conference announced on non-medical prescribing in end of life care

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It is widely recognized that pain and symptom control at the end of life is not always optimal, therefore the development of non-medical prescribing has a key role in improving pain and symptom control for patients at the end of life.

Non-medical prescribing is any prescribing done by a healthcare professional other than a doctor or dentist. These could be nurses, pharmacists, and physiotherapists, for example. The national conference will provide training and essential updates for current and aspiring non-medical prescribers.

Chaired by Claire Henry, Director of Improvement & Transformation at Hospice UK, the event will include sessions on non-medical prescribing in hospices and in community settings, national updates, case studies and interactive sessions.

Delegates will have the chance to network with colleagues, understand how to maintain continued competence in prescribing for patients at the end of life, and develop confidence as a non-medical prescriber.

The event takes place in February 2018 at De Vere West One Conference Centre, London. For more information and to book visit Effective Non-Medical Prescribing in End of Life Care

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