Daily News Roundup – 1 August 2013

Categories: In The Media.

Third Sector

The paper, written by Tony Chapman and Fred Robinson, says charity leaders must remember that financial growth does not equate to success.

National officials have apologised “unreservedly” after the handling of thousands of complaints about GPs and dentists was delayed following the handover to the reformed NHS system.

BBC News

How far should the courts interfere in interpreting the law on murder and assisted suicide? Comment piece written by BBC News medical correspondent, Fergus Walsh.

The Guardian

“Still the British courts won’t permit assisted suicide in extreme situations such as mine. Well I’m not giving up the fight yet.” Comment piece written by Paul Lamb.

Civil Society

The number of charity shops in London increased at a rate of nearly one a week over the past two years, according to figures included in a new report by London Councils.

Herald Scotland

Almost half of people who have had someone close to them die due to illness feel their loved one died badly, according to a report from Compassion in Dying.

BBC News

NHS cuts proposed at two Northamptonshire hospices will lead to patients and families “suffering”, the Labour party has warned.

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