Daily News Roundup – 26 June 2015

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Richard Smith: Is informed consent impossible at the end of life?

BMJ Blog
Informed consent is impossible at the end of life, said a British palliative care physician last week at a conference on Heybeliada – could he be right?

Million pound redevelopment of Hampshire Hospice nearly complete

ITV News
The finishing touches are being made to the Naomi House, which will mean more space and more facilities for children with terminal illnesses and their families.

The right to die

The Economist
As yet only a handful of European countries, Colombia and five American states allow some form of doctor-assisted dying. But draft bills, ballot initiatives and court cases are progressing in 20 more states and several other countries.

Attitudes towards assisted dying

The Economist
In June the Economist and Ipsos MORI polled attitudes towards doctor-assisted dying in 15 countries. We found that majorities thought doctor-assisted dying should be legal for adults in 13 of the 15 countries polled.

Oppose assisted dying on principle, but don’t pretend the current law is working – Dignity in Dying

Politics Home
Dignity in Dying responds to Lord Farmer’s article on assisted dying, saying the current law forces terminally ill people to end their lives in a manner not of their choosing.

Children’s hospice in South Yorkshire hopes to cash in on the sun

South Yorkshire Times
Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in South Yorkshire hopes solar panels will save £200,000 in electricity bills – and help meet its £3 million-a-year running costs.

From across ehospice editions:

New research shows consistent benefit for patients with cancer cachexia

Bear Cottage barbecues a special time for grieving families

Volunteers crucial for daycare

Nazmi’s Story – prospering with a genetic disorder

Palliative care sector gathers to discuss next work programme of AIIHPC

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