Daily News Roundup – 9 February 2016

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Bury Hospice undergoes independent review of governance and management

Third Sector
A management consultant will examine the charity’s plans, decision-making, communications, leadership and management over the past two years.

Duchess of Cornwall to visit new Prospect Hospice centre

ITV News
The Duchess of Cornwall will visit the new outreach centre of a hospice providing vital services to local communities.

Keech Hospice mourns the death of fearless fundraiser Tony Jules

Luton Today
A fearless cancer patient, who spent his final months raising money for Keech Hospice Care, has died. Tony Jules, 63, from Sundon Park, fundraised more than £40,000 to cover the cost of a nurse at the hospice for a year.

Hospice ‘humbles and moves’ deputy mayor of Lincolnshire town on his first visit

Lincolnshire Echo
A veteran councillor who is the Deputy Mayor of Skegness was both “humbled and moved” on his first visit to a Lincolnshire hospice. Councillor Dick Edginton spoke after he visited the Butterfly Hospice in Boston beside the town’s Pilgrim Hospital.

Charities in the spotlight: Katharine House Hospice

Banbury Guardian
As we embark on the second ‘Charities in the Spotlight’ feature, this month we will take a step into one that has been close to everyone’s heart for the last 25 years.

Metamorphosis: The transformation process for palliative care professionals – or how to work in palliative care and not die trying

EAPC blog
Rafael Mota Vargas and Vinita Mahtani-Chugani, palliative care physicians from Spain, explain the background to their longer research article selected as ‘Editor’s choice’ in the February issue of Palliative Medicine.

From across ehospice editions:

Penn State University conduct research in Uganda on managing pain in children’s palliative care

Hospice spotlight: Hospice Calgary

Kikuyu hospital elevating palliative care

Brian ticks off his bucket list

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