Early intervention to prevent prolonged grief disorder

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The project, which began in running in January 2013, will support those who are unable to find ways to accommodate their loss, whose daily lives are still severely impaired and who still feel ‘stuck’ and unable to move on.

Am I at risk of developing prolonged grief disorder?

The Early Intervention Project pamphlet provides a useful mini-questionnaire to help determine whether a person is at risk of developing prolonged grief disorder and may benefit from help from Cruse:

  • Has the death happened within the past six months?
  • Was it a dependent relationship (was the bereaved person a parent or a spouse)
  • Was the loss sudden/unexpected?
  • Were you bereaved as a child or young person?
  • Do you have a preference for order and structure?

If a bereaved person has one of the above symptoms, then Cruse will be able to provide specialist assessment and ongoing support by telephone or by email.

For more information, email Cruse at earlyintervention@cruse.org.uk or telephone 0844 477 9400.

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