Hospice UK awarded £50k by CSIS Charity Fund

Categories: Community Engagement.

The CSIS Charity Fund is an independent charity linked to the Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS), a non-profit organisation that provides insurance products to current and former civil and public servants. CSIS’s annual trading surplus is transferred to the fund to be awarded to charitable organisations.

Among its grants for this year, smaller charities like the Overseas Service Pensioners’ Benevolent Society (OSPBS) and Music in Hospitals have received up to £5k, while the Charity for Civil Servants has been awarded £250k. Hospice UK has received the third largest grant. In total the chosen organisations have been awarded almost £900k.

Gill Noble, Chairman of the CSIS Charity Fund said:

“The present Charity Fund has much to be proud of since its current governance arrangements were established in 2007.  In that time we have donated more than £7.4 million as a result of the CSIS insurance business surpluses being transferred to the fund for charitable causes.”

For more information visit Increased grant giving by CSIS Charity Fund in 2017

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