New guide for carers offers end of life advice

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Carer’s Manual is described as a ‘practical, visual guide for the home carer’ and covers areas such as making changes in the home, assisting mobility, help with washing and basic first aid.

According to Carers UK, there are now 6.5 million carers in the UK and Dr Mike Peters, the consulting medical editor for the guide, recognises that caring can be both physically and emotionally demanding: “It can be difficult to adjust to changed relationships – not only with the person being cared for but with other family member, friends, and colleagues,” he writes in the foreword to the manual.

This book provides guidance on how to cope with these issues – and how to get help and support if necessary – so that the process of caring is as stress free as possible.” 

Within a short, nine-page chapter titled ‘End of life care’, a range of practical and psychological advice is offered. Information is provided on legal issues such as advance care planning, as well as the consideration of cultural and spiritual needs.

The chapter is broken down into the following sections:

  • preparing for the end
  • importance of communication
  • end of life decisions
  • care of the dying person
  • practicalities after death
  • bereavement.

On each page, a separate pink box offers concise advice on ‘looking after yourself’. Following the death of a loved one, the guide suggests: “Take comfort from anyone who is with you; a supportive presence can be a great help.”

Chapter 11, the final chapter in the guide, provides a wealth of resources which includes useful contacts for support groups, accessing government benefits and legal and financial information. 

Carer’s Manual has a clear layout and an abundance of images illustrating step-by-step guides, making it extremely accessible and easy to understand. It is priced at £14.99.

The guide is published by DK Publishing.

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