New guide to help public hold politicians to account on end of life care

Categories: Community Engagement.

The guide aims to help local people who want to champion end of life care in their area, MPs and Councillors who want to influence or scrutinise local decision-makers, and commissioners and service providers trying to make the case for change and build local partnerships.

The guide set out ten questions to ask locally, to ensure good end of life care, and suggestions of who to ask. It also provides links to to other relevant resources.

Questions include: ‘What are people saying about the quality of care their loved ones have received locally?’ and ‘What support is available locally for carers of people approaching the end of life, including bereavement?’

Simon Chapman, author of the booklet and NCPC director of policy and parliamentary affairs, said: “While new organisations are having to focus on implementing the government’s reform programme, people will still be reaching the end of life and they and their families will continue to need excellent care.

“We only get one chance to get it right for them and we mustn’t lose sight of them in this transition period. By ensuring that they are aware of the key questions to ask local politicians and other decision makers, members of the public can play an important role in holding them to account and helping to improve the quality of end of life care for everyone.”

Download the guide from The National Council for Palliative Care website.

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