Over three decades of cake to support hospice

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A Buckinghamshire coffee shop has been supporting Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes with its homemade cakes for over 35 years.

Volunteers at The Newport Pagnell Coffee Shop have been taking turns to bake cakes which they sell with a tea or coffee at £2 each to raise money for the hospice since 1983. Over the years they have raised a total of £255,000, which works out at 127,500 slices of cake.

Hospice Chief Executive Peta Wilkinson, said:

We are so thankful to the volunteers who run this coffee shop for raising such an incredible amount of money for us over so many years – it just shows how much people enjoy a bit of cake and a cuppa! The money they’ve raised has undoubtedly changed the lives of so many local people, and their families, who have needed the care of Willen Hospice. We are so incredibly thankful for the help and support we receive from our local community, we simply couldn’t be here without them.”

Ursula Dancaster, a volunteer at the coffee shop, said:

“Volunteering at the coffee shop gave me the opportunity to work within the community and at the same time allow me to support a cause very close to my heart. So many of the volunteers have cause to thank the hospice having had relatives and friends who have had need of its services.”

For more information visit Willen Hospice

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