St Christopher’s Centre for Awareness and Response to End of Life (CARE) is open!

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Yes, years in the planning and months under construction, we are so pleased and excited to have moved into what is so much more than an education centre.

Fitted out with the very latest equipment, we certainly believe we’ve created a world class centre of learning, capable of supporting people to deliver the best available end of life care wherever they are in the world. In St Christopher’s CARE, we feel we’ve also built a space the South East London community which we proudly serve, can call home.

The builders handed over possession of the keys to the new £6.5m building on Friday 15 January 2021, after overcoming every possible obstacle including train tunnels, a global pandemic, inclement weather and Brexit.

This fantastic new facility is now ready to fulfil its purpose: to unlock a space to explore living with dying and loss.

The architects have delivered on our vision of making St Christopher’s CARE a place that’s as much for clinicians as it is for home carers, going beyond just the formal education we deliver, where everyone can find the physical and mental space to consider their hopes, views and fears around death and dying.


While doctors and nurses from across the globe are watching a live stream on a new model of nursing, straight from the state-of-the-art lecture theatre, visitors can simultaneously enjoy viewing art exhibitions, participate in a book club or simply take some quiet time out in one of the many quiet and intimate spaces we’ve been sure to include.

Doctors, nurses and carers can all benefit from the high-tech Skills Lab in which we can demonstrate practical skills such as using a syringe driver or moving someone safely in a bed. With cameras fitted all around this space, we’ll be able to provide learners of all kinds with a truly immersive experience.

The building itself is a wonderful mix of big, open, light and airy welcoming spaces. With lots of glass, visitors will always feel close to the beautiful, landscaped garden too. There’s a planted roof which we hope will be an ideal spot for summer events too.

CARE is an extraordinary world-class facility
At the heart of St Christopher’s London
Dedicated to continuing the pioneering spirit
Of our founder Dame Cicely Saunders.

CARE is open to all
Students, carers and patients
Our local community
And our global partners.

CARE is a place to learn

A place to grow and a place to share
A beacon of education, rehabilitation
contemplation and peace.

CARE is where you’ll come to find answers
And where we’ll continue to ask questions
For there is much life-changing knowledge to learn
And much life-changing work to be done.

St Christopher’s CARE Lead, Jenny Fogarty, sums up the whole experience brilliantly: “It’s about creating a space for you to explore living with dying and loss. We’re committed to providing high quality learning opportunities for people wherever they are, whatever their background and whatever their previous learning experience.”

We’re now just desperate for the day (not too far away we hope) when we can welcome you all here to enjoy this fabulous facility.

To find out about the wide range of courses and events happening at St Christoper’s CARE this year please visit

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