St Cuthbert’s Hospice launch a ‘Power UP! Appeal’ in July.

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Here at the Hospice, our energy bills continue to rise, and we know this is a concern you will share too for your own homes. Our energy costs this year are more than double what they were last year, totaling more than £100,000.

We are therefore launching our Power Up! Appeal in July, hoping to raise £100,000 to help contribute towards our increased energy costs… and we need your help!

The good news is… we’re already half-way there!

With some amazing support from fantastic grant-giving organisations, and our network of corporate supporters, we have already reached £50,000 so far.

This £50,000 forms our ‘Pledge Pot’ … and the best thing about this is that when someone donates, our Pledge Pot will match their donation, doubling it*!

So, with £50,000 to go … can you help?!

📢 Calling all Champions! 📢

So, you’re probably thinking, what can I do to help? We would love it if you could become a Power Up! Appeal Champion! If you sign up to be a Champion, the online giving platform we are using to run the Power Up! Appeal, Charity Extra, will create a donation page and link for you to share with your friends, families, colleagues to inspire support and encourage donations, when the Power Up! Appeal launches in early July:

💙 Sign up to become a Power Up! Champion 👉
💙 Learn more about the Appeal 👉 

We know just how powerful and passionate our Hospice community are and with your help, we know we can reach £100,000 this July! 💡

*Our Pledge Pot ‘Power Pledgers’ will match donations up to £50,000.

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