Surrey hospice refurbishes its Wellbeing Centre

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Diana Moran with patient Jean Stewart

Princess Alice Hospice in Esher, Surrey, has refurbished its Wellbeing Centre and renewed the range of services it offers its patients and their carers.

The aim of the facility is to help patients build their confidence, manage their symptoms, and take back control of their lives.

The success of the improved space has been brought about largely by the imaginations of hospice staff, who worked creatively with a minimal budget to create maximum impact. They also contacted local companies to ask them to donate materials for the works. Finishing touches such as new shelving, trays and coasters were contributed by the hospice’s Man Shed.

A variety of events will take place at the centre, including educational talks and drop-in sessions, an extended choice of wellbeing therapies, nursing care and support for patients and their families.

Each weekday has a different focus: Tuesdays, for example, are devoted to helping people learn about what the hospice can offer patients, family members, care professionals and members of the public. There’s a variety of information sessions to pop into, as well as complementary therapies, exercise, relaxation sessions and art sessions. Other days include a respite day and social events.

TV fitness guru Diana Moran visited the hospice to cut the Wellbeing Centre’s ribbon when it re-opened.

For more information visit Princess Alice Hospice

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