Survey reveals more staff and volunteers than ever before would recommend Ashgate Hospicecare

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Survey reveals more staff and volunteers than ever before would recommend Ashgate Hospicecare as a place to receive care, work and volunteer. The results of Ashgate Hospicecare’s bi-annual staff and volunteer surveys reveal another year of exceptional results. An incredible 96% of the workforce would recommend the hospice to their friends and family as a place to receive care; a positive result which reflects Ashgate’s current outstanding CQC rating.

Nine out of ten people would recommend the hospice as a place to work or volunteer while three in four people feel their mental health and wellbeing is looked after, despite the huge challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has posed.

The survey also revealed that 85% of staff feel their role is purposeful and fulfilling while 88% of people are satisfied with their job or volunteering experience. Further key findings from the staff and volunteer surveys revealed:

  • The majority of staff and volunteers – 86% – feel they are treated with fairness and respect.
  • 83% of staff and volunteers feel the hospice values are demonstrated in the work they do.
  • There is a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie with 87% feeling part of a team.
  • 71% of all staff and volunteers and 59% of paid staff feel their views are listened to and valued, up from 60% and 50% in 2019.

The confidential surveys were completed by 208 (69%) members of staff and 290 (49%) volunteers. The results from the surveys are used to improve working conditions for staff and volunteers and, ultimately, improve patient care.

Barbara-Anne Walker (cover photo), Chief Executive at Ashgate Hospicecare, said:

“I would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey and for everything our staff and volunteers do to make a positive difference to the lives of those living with a life limiting illness across North Derbyshire.

The past 18 months have been a time unlike any other and the 2021 survey gives us the opportunity to better understand the experiences of our workforce. The results allow us to continue to build on what is working well and identify areas for improvement. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, I was delighted to learn that our staff and our volunteers feel so strongly about recommending Ashgate, and I think this speaks volumes about the work we have been doing to support staff and volunteers throughout the pandemic. This has included confidential counselling support for those on the frontline, increased paid carers leave and family friendly policies.

There are of course areas where we haven’t scored as highly as we would like. Remote working has meant that staff feel communications between departments needs improvement. Working together as one is a fundamental part of the hospice culture, and we will work to address this challenge.

Overall, I would say these results show the lengths we have gone to in order to maintain our fantastic results from 2019, and in some cases, improve in many areas. However, we will not rest on our laurels but will aim to be better still; an even better place to work and an even better place to receive care.”

The results set the hospice apart from many other healthcare providers with national results from the most recent NHS survey revealing that 67% of people would recommend their trust as a place to work and only 74% recommend it as a place to receive care.

As in previous years, Ashgate’s leadership team will be looking closely at the results and engaging with staff and volunteers from across the charity to implement improvements to better meet the needs of staff and volunteers, but also their patients, their families and the wider community.

Daniel Ratchford, Ashgate Hospicecare Trustee and Head of Quality Health, the independent survey company who carried out the Ashgate survey, said:

“On reflection, these results tell me how positively everyone at Ashgate has united behind the shared response to COVID. In many ways, it’s helped bring people together with a common cause. Rather than fragmenting under such a sustained and huge response, the hospice has come out stronger.”

About Ashgate Hospicecare:
1. Ashgate Hospicecare, based in Chesterfield, provides specialist palliative and end of life
care including a wide range of community-based care and support services for
people with a life-limiting illness and their families across North Derbyshire and the High
Peak and Dales.
2. Read more about Ashgate’s CQC rating here:

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