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In this advertorial, Towergate Insurance share their tips for hospice staff to look after their wellbeing during stressful times.

We are all familiar with stress and the impact it can have on our wellbeing. 2020 has been an uncertain time for many of us and has shown us that we can’t predict what is around the corner. However, it has also shown how resilient we can be, and there have been some truly heart-warming moments where communities have come together to support one another.

There are times when stress can overwhelm us if we aren’t careful. Admitting that you aren’t able to control everything can help, as this will support you in handling unexpected situations you may find yourself in. Stress management can be as simple as learning how to manage your own expectations and adjusting your thoughts, so you begin to view them slightly differently.

Tips for when you’re feeling stressed

  • Be realistic – you cannot do anything and everything at any given time. Make sure that you set yourself realistic goals and tasks.
  • Be flexible and compromise where it’s beneficial – it may be the case that compromise is actually a better way of working and may be less stressful for you or your team.
  • Think positively and try to see the good in difficult situations. We understand how hard it is to think positively all the time, but take time out to start thinking of new ways of working, fundraising and getting support.
  • Keep a good work-life balance. Cook yourself a nice meal, start a new book or find a new series to watch.

Help and guidance for staff

We understand that working as part of a hospice is a difficult and emotional role, and the coronavirus pandemic has meant that a great number of staff may have been living away from friends and family in order to carry out their duties. With this in mind, the following websites and free apps may be beneficial:


  • Apps

– Catch it
– Silvercloud
– WorryTree

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