Why you should attend the Hospice UK fundraising conference

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Elizabeth Palfreman, Hospice UK’s Head of Hospice Support, outlines the benefits of attending ‘A deep dive into corporate fundraising: hospices mean business’, next month.

Corporate fundraising has been undergoing huge changes over the last decade. The days of companies handing over a big cheque with no input required are behind us. The financial crash, the changing face of the British corporate sector and the ongoing Brexit saga make the work of corporate fundraisers ever more complicated.

Research conducted by the Lloyds Banking Group in 2017 showed that:

  • 70 per cent of corporates now give strategically rather than ad hoc
  • they are keen to demonstrate to customers that they do the ‘right’ thing by aligning with a charity
  • they want to move to skill sharing as well as financial donations
  • they want charities to know more about their business and come with ideas for meaningful partnerships

How will the Hospice UK fundraising conference address these issues?

Starting with a session from Arun Sharma, we look at how to build those relationships using a scientific approach and how to keep a stream of business coming in as the relationship lifecycle matures.

The centrepiece of the day is a panel discussion about how much your hospice brand is worth and what you need to do to protect it. With contributions from brand consultants Spencer du Bois, Birketts LLP and Jane Montague Consulting there will be opportunities to ask questions and discuss how to ensure your organisation gets the best from its corporate partnerships.

If as a corporate fundraiser you feel beleaguered then the session from Grahame Darnell is for you. Hear him discuss the proposition that corporate relationships are not just the responsibility of the corporate fundraiser but that everyone has a role to play.

Finally, the corporate team from Hospice UK have asked some of their corporate partners to discuss what the current trends are in corporate fundraising and what is on the horizon. There will be speakers from Northern Trust and Pennies. Add in two workshops – on how to breathe new life into old corporate campaigns, and how to get the best from corporate volunteers, and you have a day packed full of great ideas, knowledge sharing and instant wins to push your corporate income forward.

To book a place at the conference please click here – you will need to be quick as 70 per cent of places have been sold!