Chaplaincy Care Volunteer Training Manual

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Equip your spiritual care volunteers with the resources they need to provide optimal care to your patients!

The Healthcare Chaplaincy Network releases “Chaplaincy Care: Volunteer Training Manual.” Drawing on national expertise in the field of chaplaincy and volunteer management to effectively prepare individuals for engagement in a health care setting.

Train individuals in a number of key areas, including:
• Identifying Spiritual Distress
• Communication and Listening
• Understanding the Patient
• Visitation
• Cultural Competency, Spirituality, and Religion

Learn about this and other valuable resources on the Spiritual Care Association website.


  1. Christine Hentschel

    Currently I have been volunteering at a local nursing home for eight months, with the priority of sharing God’s love and befriending residents with one – on – one visits.
    I am a retired RN and have many years of service in long term care and home health.
    I visit, read to them, write letters for them, sew fidget mats for dementia activities, and pray with them.
    I often pray with the hospice residents and listen to them.
    The Volunteer Chaplaincy Care Training program interests me, and I was wondering if this training would be beneficial for your Hospice program and enrich my service to the residents there.

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