Light up a life

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(This essay comes from Hospice & Community Care in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.)  Since its beginnings 30 years ago, Light Up A Life has provided the opportunity to honor and remember thousands of those who lived in and were loved by our community and those who bring joy into our lives everyday.

This event has grown from a few individuals gathering to honor loved ones with a light, to hundreds and even thousands who begin their holiday season by purchasing a white light and attending Light Up A Life. Each light represents someone that is deeply cared about and is remembered throughout the year. With the approaching holiday season and the accompanying focus on comfort and family, the services are an ideal time to illuminate a light of recognition of loved ones that will shine steadily throughout the entire month of December.

Anyone is welcome to purchase a white light to be placed on the boughs of an evergreen in memory of a loved one, or in honor of someone with a special role in their life. The purchase of every light also serves as a gift to Hospice & Community Care to help others who are losing or who have lost someone that they care about.

The lights are illuminated in unison during the tree lighting ceremonies, which feature a message by a chaplain, live music, a personal testimony from someone impacted by Hospice & Community Care and plenty of fellowship. There is time for families and friends to come together in celebration of the person or people they are honoring as they walk amongst the evergreens in the peace of the evening, accompanied by sweet and tranquil music.


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