NHPCO Launches New Podcast featuring Conversations with Edo Banach

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Leading Person-Centered Care, Conversations with Edo Banach

NHPCO is excited to announce the debut of its newest podcast, Leading Person-Centered Care, Conversations with Edo Banach. The first guest on the series’ inaugural podcast is Jean Accius, senior vice president for AARP Global Thought Leadership. Banach will be talking with leaders and innovators from our field but also more broadly to help pull in insight from a broad spectrum.

Launched on August 14, this free podcast departs from the existing NHPCO Podcast that was created to help with the technical, day-to-day aspects of hospice and palliative care, focusing on pertinent discussions about regulatory, compliance, quality, and other timely topics. This new series is meant to address all the dimensions we are dealing with as human beings, not just as hospice and palliative professionals, and will be led by NHPCO President and CEO Edo Banach.

During this time of constant Zoom meetings and phone calls, resiliency as leaders has never been more important. Hear from others how to lead during a time of such uncertainty and change and how COVID-19 will change our field long term.

Subscribe now to hear the valuable and practical takeaways that will help you lead in today’s rapidly changing world. This free podcast, Leading Person-Centered Care, Conversations with Edo Banach, can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.  Or visit the NHPCO podcasts page to listen to the new Conversations with Edo Banach or the original NHPCO Podcast.

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