Pediatric e-journal explores spiritual care of children and families

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The newest issue of the ChiPPS pediatric e-journal, Issue #48 (PDF), offers a collection of articles that explore the spiritual care of children and their families. The issue of the e-journal offers suggestions for and examples of engaging in this important aspect of pediatric palliative/hospice care provision.

Articles included in this issue:

Suspended by Kristin Wickless, RN, BSN

A Mother’s Perspective on Palliative Spiritual Care: What Helped, What is Still Needed by Dannell Shu

“Existential Distress”: Alleviating a Teen’s Psychological Pain at the End of Life by Ann Fitzsimons, BS, MBA

The Role of Hope in Pediatric Palliative Care by Suzanne Toce, MD

The Role of Spirituality in Caring for Children and Their Families by Reverend Harlan E. Ratmeyer, D. Min.

A Village of Care by M. Karen Ballard, MCM, BCC

Supportive Care: Be the Door by Karen Wilson-Kedro, OT

Who Ya Gonna Call? by Rev. Becky Johnson, MDiv, BCC

Using Art to Facilitate Spiritual Exploration by Rev. Kirstin Springmeyer, MDiv, BCC

Religion, Spirituality, and Pediatric Patients and Families: Research, Assessment, and Care by Melissa Kurtz, MSN, MA, RN, PhDc, & Ashley Hurst, JD, MDiv, MA

Nurses and Spiritual Care of Seriously-Ill Children and Their Families by Betty R. Ferrell, RN, PHD, MA, FAAN, FPCN, CHPN

Download the PDF of ChiPPS e-journal issue #48.

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