Qgiv Generational Giving Report Reveals Untapped Giving Tuesday Fundraising Potential

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Qgiv’s New Generational Giving Report Examines What Motivates Different Generations to Give and How Nonprofits Can Best Reach Members of Each Generation.

Lakeland, FLA. — Qgiv, a leading provider of online fundraising tools for nonprofits, released their Generational Giving Report today. The new report analyzes responses from 1,309 donors across four generations, highlighting giving trends, offering surprising findings, and sharing actionable tips on how nonprofits can effectively communicate with and appeal to members of different generations.

“Qgiv’s Generational Giving Report revealed what motivates different generations to give and the likelihood different generations will respond to Giving Tuesday asks based on their awareness of the global giving day,” said Todd Baylis, CEO and co-founder of Qgiv Inc. “Our goal with this report is to help nonprofits identify how they can optimize their outreach to members of each generation—ultimately resulting in improved donor relations and more money raised for their cause.”

Key findings of the Generational Giving Report include:

  • Despite being the most active generation on social media, 42% of Generation Z isn’t aware of Giving Tuesday.  Of the four generations surveyed (baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, and Gen Z) Gen Z had the lowest awareness of Giving Tuesday.
  • The largest common motivator for Gen X, Gen Z, and millennials to donate to a nonprofit is wanting to be known as philanthropic. Members of these generations view their philanthropic activities as a large part of their identity and their legacy.
  • The largest motivator for baby boomers to donate to a nonprofit is knowing their money is being used wisely.  Baby boomers and members of Gen X are 12% more likely to continue their support of a nonprofit than Gen Z and millennials based on how wisely they believe their donation is used.
  • Millennial and Gen X donors are most likely to research nonprofits before they decide to make a gift. Baby boomers and Gen X are likely to look for testimonials and financial reports while Gen Z and millennials are likely to seek out nonprofit impact reports and news stories.

“We’re at a point in time where several generations are engaging with nonprofits, and each generation has distinct preferences and motivations that color the way they interact with nonprofits,” said Abby Jarvis, Qgiv nonprofit education manager. “Understanding generational differences will help nonprofits better engage with their supporters. Understanding how groups of donors are different—and how they’re the same—is going to be the key to building donor bases that sustain charities for generations to come.”

To download the full Generational Giving Report, click here.

About the Generational Giving Report: Data for this report was collected through a survey of 1,309 individuals conducted by PeopleFish. The survey was conducted throughout January of 2020 and surveyed only individuals who had made a charitable gift during the previous 12 months.

About Qgiv: Qgiv Inc. is a leading digital fundraising platform founded in 2007. From their headquarters in Lakeland, FL, they currently serve more than 3,500 nonprofit and faith-based organizations in the United States and Canada. With no long-term contracts, unlimited access to tools and support, and integrations with leading CRM and email tools, it’s easy for nonprofits to experiment with new technology and grow their digital fundraising programs. Qgiv is committed to helping nonprofits raise more by anticipating and addressing their needs and challenges through customer-led development and close attention to industry best practices. To learn more about the Qgiv platform, visit www.qgiv.com.


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