Study shows hospice care improves patient experience

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Researchers at Rush University Medical Center and Rush University College of Nursing in Chicago, IL, studied the association of hospice care on patient experience and outcomes.  Positive results were found.

In the abstract, the authors share the conclusion: “The results of this investigation demonstrate that greater use of hospice care during the last 6 months of life is associated with improved patient experience, including satisfaction and pain control, as well as clinical outcomes of care, including decreased ICU and hospital mortality.”

In an article about the study published by Reuters Health, “If someone is hospitalized and approaching the end of life, hospice care is more optimal so they can get the care they need,” said Ruth Kleinpell, a professor at the Rush University College of Nursing in Chicago who works in a critical care unit at Rush University Medical Center. who spoke with Reuters Health by phone.

In other words, Kleinpell told Reuters Health, “Hospice care can provide patients and families with a better dying experience.” 

Read the article abstract on the BMJ website. The full article is available for purchase online for those who do not have access to the journal BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care.

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