Webinar on Advance Care Planning, April 26

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Advance care planning is a critically important part of healthcare delivery that is all-too-often ignored until it is too late. Join this session, where industry veteran Nathan Kottkamp will explorè the benefits of advance care planning and will offer practical strategies for improving engagement.

You will learn how thoughtful advance care planning can be a gift to loved ones, a means to improved outcomes and a method of improving healthcare delivery overall. You will understand the importance of advance care planning, the distinctions in advance directive types and how to initiate advance care planning conversations. Read more

Session Highlights:
• Historic/legal background of advance care planning
• Differences between advance directives types
• Practical advice for individual, professional, and public engagement
• Exploration of next steps: POLST
• How advance directives and do not resuscitate orders fit together
• Legal risk reduction and improved outcomes from better advance care planning
• And more

There is a charge to register for this webinar. Use “DISC10” at check-out and get 10% off on registration.


About the Speaker
Nathan Kottkamp is a healthcare attorney with McGuireWoods LLP, in Richmond, VA. Nathan is the founder and chair of National Healthcare Decisions Day (www.nhdd.org), which occurs every year on April 16 to promote advance care planning. In his law practice, he advises a wide array of clients on various healthcare, accreditation and data prìvacy matters.

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