New smartphone app helps guide GPs in providing palliative care to patients

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“Palli-aged” provides information on end-of-life care, including what to do at different stages of a patient’s decline.

Adelaide GP Daniel Byrne said some doctors may only have a few palliative care cases each year, making the app extremely helpful.

“When we’re treating diabetes, blood pressure and asthma, we’re doing that every day, it’s at the front of our mind, but something like palliative care, it’s really good to have that information at our fingertips,” Dr Byrne said.

“They’ve made it really GP friendly, because it’s all the type of medications we can prescribe in the community.

“A lot of palliative care medications are hospital-only drugs, so there’s no point having an app that tells you to use this drug, and you find out, oh I can’t prescribe it.”

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