Applications open for the 2014 West African Advocacy Fellowship Program on Drug Policy Reform

Categories: Education.

This program supports those working in sectors related to drug policy in order to improve their advocacy skills and to enhance their capacity in working with the media on drug policy. The fellowship seeks to add to a core group of existing high-profile drug policy activists in the West African region, including people not necessarily working full-time on drug-related issues.

This two-week program takes place in October 2014 and includes the following topics:

  • Global overview of drug policy reform
  • Overarching issues relevant to drug policy reform
  • The international drug control system
  • Overview of international human rights in the context of drug policy
  • Drug policy developments in Africa
  • Effective campaigning
  • Media and public engagement

There will also be an opportunity to meet key drug policy experts and policy advocates based in the UK.

For more information including the eligibility criteria visit the OSF website.

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