Call for participation: EAPC enquiry on Education in Spiritual Care

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The taskforce has recognised that continuing education in palliative care is vital for all professionals and volunteers to continue to develop skills and improve practice.

The enquiry has been designed for providers of education to upload details of the courses that they are offering and for interested professionals and volunteers to discover what courses are provided that will enhance practice.

The aim of the enquiry is to make opportunities for education in issues concerning spirituality and spiritual care widely available to all member countries, organisations and beyond and help link education opportunities with potential participants.

The enquiry on Education in Spiritual Care is a resource in two ways:

  • First to understand what education opportunities exist in the EAPC area and beyond, who those opportunities are targeted towards and what level they are being taught at (one day course, certificate level etc.) 
  • Secondly, this resource will help the Education subgroup identify where there might be ‘gaps’ in education so that in the future, professional training bodies, hospices, palliative care units and academic establishments can address the gap to provide high quality, practically based education.

In time, the information made available will help the Education Subgroup to consider developing a core curriculum in issues around spiritual care, allied to the competencies set out in the 2013 EAPC White Paper. This will be possible with the collaboration of other subgroups within the Spirituality Taskforce.

This call presents providers of education in spiritual care with an opportunity to advertise courses to a wide number of potential attendees. Participation will help continue the progress of spiritual care education.

Registered members of the EAPC can access the enquiry directly by logging in through the EAPC website.

Those not registered can complete their registration before accessing the enquiry. 

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