Pilgrims for hospice arrive in Trondheim

Categories: Care.

The pair undertook to walk 643 kilometres over 29 days from Oslo to Trondheim to raise awareness of the need for hospice care in Norway. 

On their journey, the pilgrims stopped along the way to hold meetings and give talks about the importance of hospice care. The most significant of these was a meeting with the Norwegian Minister of Health, Bent Høie, at Eidsvoll, on the 23rd of June. The Minister strongly promised improved actions for hospice in Norway. 

The pilgrims were joined for stretches of the walk by different companions. 

They arrived in Trondhein yesterday (28 July), where they planned to hold a public meeting on the pilgrimage experience, the hospice philosophy, and the connection between the two. 

See the Pilgrimage in Pictures in the gallery pages of ehospice. 

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