World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 6 October 2015

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California adopts doctor-assisted suicide law

US – Sky News

California’s governor has signed legislation that allows terminally ill people to legally end their lives.

Palliative services to be reinstated in South Australia’s south-east after local lobbying

Australia – ABC News

Palliative care services cut in South Australia’s south-east will be reinstated by the State Government following a hard-fought campaign by the local community.

Palliative care: for all ages and all diseases

World Health Organisation

Godfrey had been living with HIV since birth. His parents died long ago. But at the Sunflower Children’s Hospice in South Africa, health and palliative care providers gave Godfrey the support he needed to improve his quality of life and preserve his dignity up until his tragically early death.

Push for access to morphine

South Africa – Daily News

Government health bosses are pushing for easier and wider access to painkilling morphine for terminally ill patients in South Africa.

Minorities skeptical about end of life care

US – McKnight’s

Black Medicare beneficiaries are far less likely to accept hospice care or prepare advanced care directives than their white counterparts, according to a new report fromKaiser Health News.

Palliative care is a human right

US – Huffington Post

Palliative care matters a lot. The evidence is clear that early integration of palliative care is associated with better quality of life for patients and families, increased days of living, better quality of life when in the dying process and reduced healthcare costs.

Is the UK ready for an ‘explosion’ of need for palliative care?

UK – Marie Curie blog

The number of people living with more than one serious and life-threatening condition will increase by a million by 2025, according to new analysis by the Royal College of GPs.

5 reasons to get comfortable with death

US – Huffington Post

There is no question that most people in our society are far from comfortable with the idea of death. In fact most of us avoid thinking or talking about the subject (particularly our own death) as if it won’t happen if we stay in denial.

A gentle push with ‘halfway homes’

India – The Hindu

Imagine having to wake up one day without the use of your arms or limbs. It is not a situation your imagination can prepare you for.

Little Stars: Japan Prize Finalist

Little Stars

Little Stars: Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness has been bestowed an enormous honor by being named a Finalist in the 2015 Japan Prize.

My dad’s death was nothing like I imagined

US – PBS Newshour

For years, Ohman imagined the moments leading up to his father’s death a thousand times, but when he died, the tedium, alarm and pain were nothing like Ohman had envisioned.

New fundraising rules brought in to protect vulnerable people

ehospice UK

Minister for civil society Rob Wilson has announced new rules for charity fundraising which aim to give more control and protection to donors.

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